Winterization Tips

Thank you for choosing Mountain Storage for your RV, Boat and Vehicle Storage.

Here are some tips we hope you will find useful.


  • Drain all holding tanks and leave valves open
  • Fill fuel tank
  • Pour enviro safe anti-freeze in toilets and sinks
  • Unhook main water service at pump outlet
  • Remove drain plug from hot water tank
  • Shut off PROPANE TANK
  • Close all windows and vents tightly, cover roof vents and air conditioners
  • Lower blinds and close curtains
  • Clean refrigerator – leave door open
  • Remove all PERISHABLE FOOD (everything)
  • Disconnect batteries (make note of wires and where they go)
  • Remove all valuables and electronic devices not bolted down
  • Lock all doors and storage compartments
  • Make sure all tarps and covers are secure (high winds and snow)
  • Cover tires
  • Lock or remove hitches